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Getting Started With MVC – CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a easy web application framework. Modular approach we can use its integral libraries and helpers.

It has a three-tier architecture. Model-View-Controller (MVC) which is simple to use by which the well-designed method sense, data access, data storage and user edge can be developed.

What is MVC?

MVC (Model, View, Controller). It is a programming blueprint used in developing Web applications. This blueprint separates the user edge and backend.

Using MVC, developers can implement or modify their edge or back-end without touching the other files. MVC also increases the flexibility of an application by being capable to reuse models or views over again.



The model deals with data and database interaction and will contain functions
like select, insert, delete and update records to a database record.

The viewer displaying the data and interface controls to the user with.

The controller acts as mediator to interact with view and model. It acts as a single point of control from where you can manage both model and view.


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